Today, there are many consumers, who are gradually becoming more conscious of different fashion-forward bags. As a result, most of the brands are trying to introduce some new features in their latest models of men’s or women’s bags. The unique features, durability and affordable price are the major things that are preferred by the customers. Givenchy Antigona review reveals a positive attitude of the customers towards the brand Givenchy.
Carry the bag in any way

Givenchy Antigona bags are found to be versatile and they may be used in vary styles. You can put on the bag in a fashionable way over your shoulder. You can also carry it with its double handles, and in this way, you may be able to have a smart twist.

The structure of these bags conveys a very modern, feminine and romantic look, and these are designed with considerate details in order to make it very classic. Besides, they are not only elegant but also sturdy and you can use it on any occasion.

Soft and flexible fabric of the bag

Givenchy Antigona bag is no doubt beautiful. It looks dignified as well as refined. Even those shoppers, who do not know much about the luxury products, may presume the price tag of the bags at a single glance. Moreover, the leather quality is very soft and the uncovered stitching, found in some bags is perfect.

Colors and textures

The standard Givenchy Antigona carriers are of black colors. They are available in various textures like pebbled, silky, matte, soft and also rubberized. At times, they are found with animal prints as well as the graphic designs (like Geometric, Croc Skin etc), striking leather, tri-color modes, and also leather with metallic details.

Some of the reviews of Givenchy Antigona show that the bags are found to be bulky. There is little stiffness, and so, you may find it difficult to access your belongings within the bag. However, these will not create so much difficulty to you. These bags are liked by most of the customers. They may be carried in your hand, shoulder and also your elbow. The strap and the handles are also of the right sizes or lengths, and thus, they can be used for any purpose.

One shoulder dresses are among the latest trends in terms of fashion. While the model itself is not new at all, it has recently come to the latest tendencies. Why? Easy. It can match any type of silhouette. But then, it does not mean that you can just buy any random dress. Instead, it does require a little attention in terms of style and color. So, what should you look for in one shoulder dresses?

Hard Colors and Gradient Combinations

You can opt for all kinds of hard color combinations – from green and purple to blue. Gradient combinations are just as handy. They were extremely popular this year and they are likely to remain in the trends for the next warm season as well. Gradient colors help you hide small defects of your body. Obviously, it depends on their arrangement. Normally, you should opt for vertical combinations if you are a bit overweight, only to create an elongation effect. If you are too thin and you want to give your silhouette some volume, opt for horizontal styles.


Nude one shoulder dresses usually come in overlapping layers. They will provide a unique appearance and they will work wonders on well built silhouettes. However, if you are not too proud of your silhouette, you should opt for something with less volume. Anyhow, the good news is that one shoulder dresses are quite advantageous for large ladies, as they visually help in lowering the shoulder volume. They basically elongate the silhouette, which is the primary step in changing the looks.

Geometrical Imprints

Neutral colors – brown, yellow, light blue or beige – can perfectly match some geometrical imprints. They are able to give your outfit a unique thrill. Plus, when accessorised by the book, this kind of outfit will save a lot of unexpected situations. You can wear it during an elegant event, but you can also take it while going out with your friends. Be careful when choosing the right jewelry for it though. Ideally, you should opt for natural materials, such as a wide wooden bracelet. These elements work better than precious metals.