health insurance

Health services have paved way due to the deteriorating lifestyle and expensive health care. Sometimes, it feels like there is nothing more expensive than the medical bills. Thus, buying the right kind of policy can serve your purpose/

There are many different health insurance companies that offer many different kinds of plans. Therefore, you should be careful be while buying insurance plans. Sometimes you may end up buying the one that is not useful or not related to you. Such plans shall be a waste and not useful while in need. Hence, you should ensure that you understand all the details of the insurance policy and then take the right decision.

Insurance plans coverage –

Health insurance plans provide you the coverage against critical diseases and hospitalization. Maximum number of plans covers both these issues, but some exceptional ones do not cover some health ailments. For example, your medical plan that does not cover diabetes and blood pressure issues, in spite of you suffering from it. Also the coverage range may vary. Some plans consider hospitalization expenses for a week while others for 45 days. Some do not consider post hospitalization expenses.

Hence, it is necessary that you check all the terms and conditions of the plans while buying insurance. You need not blindly rely on the agents offering different kinds of cheap plans. Remember, all that glitters is not gold, and vice versa.

Some standard plans also allow you to add on riders in your insurance. You can add diabetes coverage, permanent disability, etc. Do not expect your plans to cover pre existing conditions. If you have any pre existing coverage, then make sure that you know what you will be paying for each on a monthly basis out of your income.

Family members’ coverage

More than one family member can have coverage under one insurance plan. For this you will have to opt for family floater plans. These plans have many benefits and also high premiums. However these plans are still cost effective when compared to individual plans.

In case you wish to cancel your insurance plan due to a certain reason, you can write a request for the same to your insurer. The insurance company will suggest you a new plan that best suits your needs.