Name Change on Social Security Card for Non-Citizens of the US

In your life, there may be a number of occasions that mandates the need for a name change; marriage, divorce or even a court order. No matter what the circumstances are, it poses a huge challenge for individuals when they have to get it corrected on important legal documents like the social security card, especially when they are not citizens of the U.S. However, if you have a proper idea of the documents that you will be required to provide at the social security office, the process to change name on social security card will be less complicated and a smoother sailing.

The first thing that you would need to show is your immigration status. If you are not a citizen, you would need to show the following documents as a part of your immigration documents-

  • Form I-551 or the residential proof.
  • I-766 or a work permit or an EAD.
  • I-94 or the stamped passport

Moving on, you would also need to comply with the work eligibility criteria set by the US government and the DHS approved I-766, which allows you to work in the US, or if you are a foreign worker, an I-94, which allows work, is sufficient.

For a student under F-1 visa, you would have to have a letter from the school officials that identify, confirms the school status and identifies the institution that employs you. Moreover, an additional letter is needed from the employer with the job title, date of joining, number of hours under the contract and contact information for the supervisor. For the J-1 student, a letter from the sponsor mentioning the stated details is mandatory.

Apart from this, you would need a document proving the name change (marriage document/divorce document/court order) and a proof of identity prior to filling up the application to change name on your social security card.

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