The Best WhatsApp Alternatives 2015

WhatsApp is a fantastic messaging platform, but there are a number of competitors out there when it comes to choosing the best messaging app. If you’re looking for a new messaging app to use on your smartphone or to use with allmyappsforpc, these are the best and some of the most popular available as of 2015.

Facebook Messenger

Since its launch back in 2004, Facebook has included functionality for messaging other users of the platform. However, Facebook broke apart their platforms launching the Messenger app a couple of years ago. Messenger is now available across Android, iOS, Windows Phone, web and other platforms in-between.

Facebook also recently started allowing users to sign-up to the platform using just their mobile number, with no need for a Facebook account. It’s clear that Facebook are building another platform away from their social network and that can only be a good thing.


Kik was first an outsider when it released back in 2010, but it has quickly grown to become one of the most popular messaging apps on Android and iOS. Kik has over 100 million active users and is as much a platform for meeting new people as it is messaging your friends. Kik sells itself as more than just a messaging platform, with functionality for sending images, videos, voice messages and even playing games with other users.

Unlike WhatsApp, Kik doesn’t use mobile numbers and runs off a username system. However, it does include group messages, read receipts and other WhatsApp like features.


You’d be forgiven for not having heard of WeChat and that’s because it’s largely popular in emerging markets, like China and India. Because of this, WeChat dwarfs WhatsApp in terms of monthly user figures and continues to grow. Available in a number of languages, it has a number of Facebook like features, making it something of a contained social network.


The last name in our list is one of the newest players on the messaging field, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a dedicated user base of its own. In terms of functionality, LINE sits pretty similarly to the likes of Kik and WeChat, but it does stand out as the most customisable of all the platforms. Users are free to customise chat backgrounds and send special themed stickers, making LINE especially appealing to the younger audience.

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