The Matter with Forskolin

Forskolin has rapidly flooded the market as a “miracle weight loss solution”. It has been found to be marketed as everything from a supplement for rapid gain of muscle mass and weight for body building to a miracle weight loss cure that promises to help you shed those extra pounds in a heartbeat. But is there any fact behind all the hype?

The origins

Forskolin is indigenous to India and East Africa, belonging to the mint family of herbs. Forskolin has been used for centuries in the indigenous medicine for those regions as cures for skin ailments, digestive issues and even as oral contraceptives. Needless to say, such a deep historical relevance does give a little merit to the efficacy of Forskolin in the present scenario.

Its promises

Forskolin has been clinically shown to increase testosterone levels in obese and overweight men, leading many companies to market it as a body building supplement. But the most pervasive marketing strategy has emerged in painting Forskolin as an effective weight loss solution. Forskolin is reported to increase metabolism and suppress appetite, which can be attributed to the elevated testosterone levels that have been clinically proven. Forskolin has also been shown to inhibit the growth and spread of colon cancer, making its claims as a miracle cure for digestive ailments a more plausible scenario.

Issues with Forskolin

The issues lie not in the product itself, but its availability. The sudden explosion of its miracle properties have led many unscrupulous brands to try to capitalise on this trend. The market has been saturated with knock offs. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue. But unless you purchase Forskolin from a reputed seller, you stand the risk of being sold snake oil, or worse, poison. There have been reports of people getting hospitalised upon consumption of unspecified drugs marketed as Forskolin by unscrupulous dealers. So if you do decide to give the product a try based on the recommendation of a friend or looking at the hundreds of positive reviews and five star ratings online, ensure that you purchase Forskolin from a verified and reputed vendor with proper contact details and promises for liability.

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