The Usage and Effectiveness of Forskolin

Forskolin is a perennial herb belonging to the mint family and derived from the root of the plant Coleus forskohlii. Since time immemorial, the plant has been used to treat heart diseases like angina (chest pain) and respiratory disorders such as asthma. Over the years, forskolin has proven effective in the treatment of several other ailments and serious disorders. It is ingested in so many different ways to maximize its effectiveness in specific treatments. Its usage depends on how it is ingested and the purpose of ingestion.

Forskolin Bodybuilding Supplements

The supplements are said to aid in weight loss and muscle building and have quickly become part of the bodybuilding regime. Research suggests that forskolin supplements helps lose body fat and increase testosterone levels.

Forskolin Glaucoma Eye Drops

For years, forskolin has been used to treat glaucoma by relieving the pressure in the eyes. There is no test to conclusively prove its effectiveness. It has been tested only on healthy people so far.

Forskolin Asthma Drug

There is research to support that forskolin boosts the levels of cyclic AMP and relaxes the muscles around the bronchial tubes thereby making breathing easier.

Improved Heart Function

It is known to be effective in improving heart function for people with idiopathic congestive cardiomyopathy, a condition that can cause heart failure. It is also known to aid in several other heart related disorders like chest pain, and high blood pressure.

Other Ailments

Taken orally, forskolin is used to treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, painful menstrual cycles, bladder infections, and insomnia.

Forewarning for Forskolin

Most of the beneficial effects of forskolin in aiding certain disorders and ailments have no substantial research to support it. Before it is considered as a treatment for any chronic health condition, it is best to consult your doctor. The treatment plan or supplement regimen should be started only on doctor’s advice. The quality and the concentration level of the active ingredient in forskolin supplements varies from product to product and hence is better to take it under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

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